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Ep. 19 – Let’s Reduce Plastic

Alfa applies a less plastic policy at his cafe. Miss Riri asked him how he applies that policy. Maybe…we should do it too?

Let's Reduce Plastic Together!
Miss Riri:
Do you crochet this yourself, Alfa?

Oh, it’s from a friend of mine, Miss Riri. She knows that we have a less plastic policy here.

Miss Riri:
Oh really?! Good for you! What does the policy look like?

Let me explain...
Use Durable & Long Lasting Utensils

Replace all eating and drinking utensils with the more durable ones, like ceramic plates, bowls and cups. Spoons, forks, cutlery, and straws are also replaced with stainless steel or bamboo-based.

The initial investment might be slightly bigger. But these materials can be used for a very long time and can be resold as long as they are still in good shape and properly cared for.
Use reusable and recyclable take-away packagings

Replacing plastic coffee cups into glass bottles, using paper straws and compostable cassava or glassine bags. Use lunch boxes made of bagasse or dry fibrous residue left from sugar cane.

That way, customers can throw the packaging into their composting bin, and use the bottle again after washing it.
Miss Riri:
That is really cool, Alfa! Reducing non-recyclable wastes one step at a time...

Hehe… Sure, thanks, Miss Riri!

Watching you teach those moms how to upcycle old stuff for the garden made me want to learn it too! Would you teach me?

Miss Riri:
I’m happy to do that! When should we start? Ask your friend to join along!
Miss Riri:
Let’s reduce our plastic consumption...

Start from now on!

Follow our gardening journeys, and let’s grow together!

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