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Ep. 18 – Upcycling for A Prettier Garden

Miss Riri explains the importance of making use of our old stuff by upcycling and recycling them. 🥫

Upcycle Your Old Stuffs to Beautify Your Garden
Thank you and see you later, Ri...

Miss Riri:
You’re very welcome... Drive savely, Nik!

Looks like today’s class is so fun, Miss Riri!

Miss Riri:
Yes, Alfa. Thank you for letting me use your space.

Anytime, Miss Riri! By the way, why did you upcycle stuff for the garden? Why not buy the new one?

Miss Riri:
Upcycling and recycling have their own benefits, like the gardening activities themselves...
Miss Riri:
We can reduce the consumption of limited natural resources, carbon footprint and plastics pollution, and also protect wildlife.


That sounds really cool! So, what kind of materials can be upcycled, miss Riri?

Miss Riri:
You can upcycle anything, Alfa. It will only take our creativity and imagination...
Used Food & Beverage Packagings

Food cans, glass jars, syrup bottles, and cooking oil jugs are the most often thrown away items.

Actually, this type of packaging can last for a very long time, so it can be reused. You just need to clean them up, and maybe decorate them with paint on the outside. After that, use it as a planter for herbs or flowers.
Big-Sized Old Furnitures

Large items such as bicycles, sinks, bathtubs, pallet wood, boots and car tires can also be used as containers for gardening!

They can also be used as decorations that make your garden more attractive and unique.
Miss Riri:
In short, try to find things around that you no longer use. Try to hold them one by one and imagine…

Applying Marie Kondo’s Spark of Joy method, Miss?

Miss Riri and Alfa:
*laugh together*
Miss Riri:
Do you have any old items that can be upcycled at home? Share with us!

Follow our gardening journeys, and let’s grow together!

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