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Ep. 15 – Easy Gardening Tips for Beginners

Do you still want to grow something at home but feel that your busy life at school/college/office doesn’t allow it? Uncle Damar has some tips for you! Worry not, he ‘s also a very busy entrepreneur, but he always managed to successfully grow a lot of plants at home. With a lot of experience, he wants to share tips for all of us…

Easy Gardening Tips for Beginners
Do you have any tips for a busy newbie like me, Uncle?

Uncle Damar:
For new gardeners, I have five things you need to know…
Choose Perennials

If you don't have much time and/or gardening experience, you should choose perennial plants. If you want to grow vegetables, choose one that grows fast and is easy to care for.

Perennials are quite minimal in maintenance since we only need to prune, fertilise, water, and check them periodically. But of course, we must be able to determine whether the plants we grow are perennial or annual.
Choose Native or Local Species

When a grower describes a plant as difficult to grow in their area, that doesn't mean that the plant is weak. It could be because their needs are not met in your local climate.

Filling up our garden with native/local species will reduce our workload in keeping them alive. We can also contribute to creating more sustainable gardens and reducing carbon footprint.
Use Raised Bed for Better Accessibilities

Too much kneeling, squatting and slouching can cause us back and joint problems. You can use raised beds to reduce your workload and pressure on the joints, especially for people with limited physical movement.

The size of these raised beds can be adjusted to the physical needs of the gardeners and how big the garden is. It can also be used if we want to avoid digging our garden’s soil.
Invest Early on Proper Gardening Tools

Having access to the right tools can make gardening easier and compensate for limited strength and motion. When buying equipment, make sure that it is comfortable to use and of good quality so that it lasts a long time.

Equipment maintenance is as important as its quality. Make sure they are always maintained properly and regularly so that they last long, and we don't have to waste money again to buy new ones.
Hire Helpers on The Garden

Beginners who still feel that they lacking in knowledge, time, equipment or have limited physical movement can use the services of a professional gardener. By employing them, we can also learn from them while allocating time for gardening.

Or if there is a new project related to large-scale infrastructure, it is worth calling a team of professionals. In addition to being completed faster, the results will also be better and there is no need to repeat on another day.
Even being a beginner requires us to have basic knowledge. Thanks, uncle!

And we’re getting smarter because of Uncle Damar…

Uncle Damar:
You should continue being a gardener until you’re growing old like me!
Gardening is not only about moving plants,

but also must be able to maintain the balance of nature and our finance!