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Ep. 11 – Things to be Considered When Growing Plants in the Apartment

Alfa, Padma and Zahra discussed what things should be considered when planning to garden in the apartment.

Growing Plants in the Apartment
Growing Plants in the Apartment
Find The Source of Light in Your Place

Plants grown in apartments receive more indirect light than direct light. If your apartment has windows facing east or west or a balcony, then you are lucky to get enough sunlight.

But if you don't have a balcony or window like the one above, then you have to add planting lights so that the plants can still grow healthy.
Use a Special Soil Mix for House Plants

You certainly can't use soil from the outdoor garden to grow plants in your apartment. That soil is unsterile and probably can carry harmful pathogens. And usually, they’re compacted and poor in air and organic matter.

Use loose, light and sterile soil or growing medium that has been specially formulated for house plants. And these growing media are also sterile, so they are safe to be used in your apartment.
Water and Humidity

The soil in pots tends to dry out faster. So choose a location that has easy access to water sources. If possible, buy a small coiled hose that can be attached to a kitchen/bathroom faucet.

The humidity in the apartment is usually low. You can place a container filled with water that can help increase humidity. Or, you can also use the bottom watering method. That way, you can water and humidify your plants in just one step!
The Wind Power on Your Balcony

If you grow plants on a balcony that is easily passed by strong winds, you can install protection such as curtains or light-coloured balcony umbrellas. That way, your plants are not easily stressed because of being blown by the wind that can tear their leaves or overthrown from the pot.

You can also use a slightly heavier pot or a well-designed pot that won't roll over easily. Not only the wind but humans or pets can also accidentally bump into it.
Measure The Weight of The Loads

Pots filled with soil and plants will certainly become heavier. The soil texture will also become denser after frequent watering. If you plant on a balcony, make sure it can support the weight of the plant. Also, avoid using a pot that is too big.

If possible, consult the building manager or apartment owner. Don't let an accident happen because the balcony collapses due to too many plants.
Okay, Got it! The basic needs are just the same, but there are some additions to it, right?

That's right!

So, what kind of gifts we'll bring to Oliver's housewarming?

How about living flowers?

And add a tea set?

I'll add his favourite silver needle tea as a bonus too then!
What kind of plant type can be grown in the apartment?

We'll discuss it in the next week's episode!