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Ep. 9 – How to Care for Plant Seedlings

Starting seed to a strong and healthy seedlings requires specific skills and experience. You can do it too to succeed at growing them. Let’s learn together with Padma and Zahra!

How to Care for Plant Seedlings
Since I have to re-starting from seeds and not making the same mistakes again, what do I need to do to make them healthy and strong?

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Understand plant’s germination process

The germination process begins when the root poked out, followed by the stem and then the leaves. The first two leaves actually are not real leaves. They are cotyledons, the part of the plant's seed or embryo.

During this process, the seed does not need additional fertilizer. It still has enough food reserves to grow true leaves, i.e. leaves that grow after the cotyledons.

(1), (2) and (3) are the orders of the seed growth
When do they need to be fertilised?

Cotyledons have food reserves stored in the seed, so they will be responsible to feed themselves until the true leaves appear, and the plant can start photosynthesis.

Usually, cotyledons will disappear sometime after the true leaves appear. It is at this time that the plant begins to need additional food or fertilizer, in order to grow optimally.
How to choose the right fertiliser

New seedlings usually need fertilisers rich in Phosphorus (P), because it stimulates root growth, and is also one of the main components needed in the photosynthesis process.

You can use NPK fertiliser with a 1-2-1 ratio. And if you can, look for a liquid fertiliser or powder that can be diluted with water, so that it can be easily and quickly absorbed by plants.

Always pay attention to the fertiliser’s label, okay?

Find out whether your seedlings have enough food or not

You can experiment to find the right fertiliser ratio and adjust the application period. Do not forget to record and observe what happens to each plant.

Focus on growing strong and healthy roots and stems first. If they are healthy, then the leaves will grow thickly later.

Experimentations are important!
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Good luck for the next seedlings, Zahra!

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To have strong and healthy seedlings

You have to understand their growing stages and needs! 

Follow our gardening journeys, and let’s grow some plants together!

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